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Our Mission is to determine the underlying cause of Dis-Ease and correct it using natural solutions with measurable results.

LogoDr. Akers Natural Health Clinic is a natural health care facility located at the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Our highly qualified team of health  professionals offers a wide variety of highly effective healing modalities.

We use an integrated assessment approach with  applied kinesiology, lab work, specialized exams and consultations to develop a custom action plan.

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State-of-the-Art Wellness:

Dr. Akers Natural Health Clinic specializes in Advanced Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Therapeutic Massage.  Custom treatment programs for Drug Free Pain Relief, Rehab and Physical Therapy,  Degenerative Disc Repair, Brain Therapies,  Allergy Elimination, Metabolic and Chronic Issues as well as Clinical Weight Loss Programs.

genetics graphicDid you know?

Only 35% of your health is determined by genetics.  You control 65% of how you experience health or disease by the    choices you make.

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Our doctors and staff are committed to:

Being Good Listeners
Being Thorough
Giving you Options
Providing Measureable Results

Digging Deeper to Find Solutions

Researching New Innovations in Health

Impacting People’s Lives

Helping You Live Happier & Healthier We take great pride in providing the finest care to our patients of every age.


This is to notify patients of Dr. Mark Akers, Dr. Donald Gay and other practitioners at Dr. Akers Natural Health Clinic (formerly Ageless Living Center and Whole Life Healing Center) that we are destroying files that have not had activity since December 31, 2006 as part of our move to a new location and will be destroying them on January 6, 2014. We will not be destroying any x-ray or MRI films. If you wish to pick up your file please contact us at 303-969-0884 by January 1, 2014.

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